Forever Springtime


Autumn’s gone, winter’s come ~ and for now we must say, “Good-bye”. There’s pain and grief ~ an ache in our hearts ~ but a love that just won’t die. Is it forever springtime there? Do the flowers always bloom? Do the streets shine like the sun? Golden sparkles, sweet perfume ~ Is your heart young once again? Did you run to meet the Son? Did He wipe away your tears as He held you in His arms? As for us, we go on ~ and we long to see you again ~ for we know to live is Christ ~ but to die – oh, that is gain ~ Yes, we’ll be with you again! ~ No, it won’t be very long ~ though it’s painful for us now ~ someday we’ll praise Him with our song ~ we’ll see Jesus face to face ~ He will erase our deepest fears ~ He will hold us in His arms as He wipes away our tears.

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Beautiful Scars

Your life, Your blood, Your body for mine
Your death on the cross that was my own
Your life you gave, the cross You gained
So I could come to know how beautiful, Lord Jesus,
The scars You bore for me
How precious, Lord, the blood You poured
And gave to set me free!

Special thanks to our sweet Lydia for playing the whistle.

Safe in Your Arms

Nighttime has fallen I lay down to rest. Sleep softly calls to me.
Here I remember You and I know safe in Your arms I’ll be.
Gently You formed me ~ wonderfully made ~ the darkness covered me
You saw my face there and called me by name. Safe in Your arms I’ll be.
Darkness can’t hide my face from Your presence. I know that You’re watching me still.
Hushed as a whisper, more strong than the sea ~ Safe in Your arms I’ll be.
Darkness surrounds me ~ suffering and pain. Evil runs wild and free.
In death or danger, I’m not alone. Safe in Your arms I’ll be. Forever with You I’ll be.

Special thanks to our teenage daughters, Lydia & Hannah, for singing this for us.

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