Praise Songs

I Will Praise You

You’re more lovely than the sunset that touches the stars. You surprise me with Your beauty everyday. By Your hand You suspended the planets in space. There is none to compare with Your way. I will praise You, O Lord, for Your powerful hand. With a word from Your lips You gave life to the land. I will worship You, Lord, for Your immeasurable grace. Though You’re larger than life, please dwell in this place. I give You my heart. I give it all to You. Please dwell with me now. I’ll follow You all my days!

Your Mercies

Your mercies, O Lord, they’re new everyday. You’re so amazing. Your kindness, O Lord, it cuts to my heart. Love never ending. I don’t deserve it. You pulled me from the darkness. You embraced me with Your light. You put Your hope within me and You’ve taught me wrong from right. You wrote Your law on my heart and You’ve given me new life. You sent Your Son for my redemption – You paid the highest price. Your kindness – it leads me to repent.

Nearer Shepherd

How can I hide my thoughts from You? You’re present everywhere and even in my secret place Your Spirit hovers near. So, try me now and show me, Lord, the places that are dark. I need Your light to purify my sinful, wandering heart. Draw me nearer, nearer, O my Jesus, near to You! Nearer, nearer, O my Jesus, near to You! How can I change apart from You? Without You there’s no way that I could ever hope to rid my heart of this decay. You’ve seen it all and loved me through and made me white as snow. Your blood has washed and cleansed my heart now it’s You I want to know… Nearer… I’ve been weak, You’ve made me strong, been blind but now I see. It’s all because the amazing way that You have rescued me. I don’t pretend I understand why You should love me so. Your love is just so beautiful it’s You I want to know…

Soft Rain

Through the softly falling rain; through the force of a great wind; through the brightness of the sun You shine down. Through the brilliance of the stars, through the mighty roaring sea, Your love is evident to me. You are splendid. You’re robed in majesty. You are lovely the rocks themselves will sing. Your love is like a river running through my soul and my heart is Yours alone. Through the faithfulness You’ve shown, through the love I’ve grown to know, through the Hand that’s always been strongly guiding. Through the grace You’ve given me, through Your sacrifice I’m free. Through it all I am so amazed.

Christ Alone

They’re displayed in the video below.

Psalm 98:1  Sing to the LORD a new song, for He has done marvelous things. His right hand & His holy arm have worked salvation for Him.